NC Rabbitry Susceptible to the Livestock War?

NC Rabbitry

Can we realistically expect the ongoing livestock war to affect a NC Rabbitry? I was reading the stance on whether rabbits could be sold in California at Rabbit shows now that SB917 has taken effect.

NC Rabbitry American RabbitThe Commercial rabbit industry has some huge uphill battles in the US. One of the first is that Americans do not eat as much rabbits as their European counterparts. Now they have to deal with the full scale war that is developing across the country.

Where does our meat come from? Many children believe that it magically appears in a cellophane wrapper at the grocery store. There is never any thought given to where the meat originally came from. The cold hard truth is that is was raised by a farmer somewhere.

Now most people want to eat meat that was raised ethically in humane conditions. We certainly have taken factory farming too far in most cases, but that is done to control costs and in the case of big money. Most small farmers are still raising them the right way.

Then you get to the other part of the equation and that is the animal activist. They were able to get SB917 passed in California that has many bad implications. One as it is currently written will ban the sale of rabbits at all shows. This is a primary source of income for small rabbitries that allow them to break even.

At this small NC Rabbitry I know the sales of rabbits are a beneficial thing that accomplishes many things. It raises funds for the NC rabbitry. It also allows others to enjoy the American Rabbit breed. Without small rabbit breeders this breed would have been extinct.

You see this trend going on throughout the country as many of the heritage animals or heirloom seeds are saved by the small farmer and hobbyist. There is a reason the large corporations are patenting all there products.

If it was up to the animal activists and big money we would never eat anything that we grew ourself. As for me and my household that time has not come yet.



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