Growing up in once was a rural southern state that is quickly becoming a Suburban hot spot. We typically write about history, technology, politics, and mainly the preparations needed to survive in a changing world. If you have spent any time watching what is going on in this country and state you can see we have become utterly dependent on Just In Time delivery of everything. If the transportation pauses for as little as two weeks there will be utter chaos.

Join us as we look at simple ways to prepare for any event. We tend to believe that skills outweigh gadgets, but heavily lean on both. The preparations also act as a balancer against the hidden tax called inflation. We practice these things for preparation and cost savings, but also as homage to the past.

The true American Dream of yesteryear was self-sufficiency. We try to honor our ancestors that have graced the borders of this state on both sides since the American Revolution. It is with God’s grace that we can become self-sufficient and tend to the poor and needy while spreading the great news about our savior.


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  1. Did the Wokokon sailing vessels ply the waters of Pamlico Sound, or run aground in the Pamlico Sound?

    • I think it may have gotten stuck a time or two, but I try to remember the positive trips on her. Those were special times spent sailing on her that I would not trade for anything.