Preppers Trilogy by Ron Foster

Preppers Trilogy

Win a free set of books! Given all the recent solar flare activity this set of books could be ripped from the headlines. Ron was ahead of the curve though. The Preppers Trilogy covers what happens after a solar EMP knocks the electrical grid completely out.

Follow along as our displaced prepper attempts to get home from Atlanta to Montgomery and survive for the next few years.

Preppers Trilogy by Ron FosterWe are giving away a trilogy for our readers. You must comment on this page to be entered. So go ahead and give us your best tip or plan to survive whatever nature or man deals out.

Special thanks goes out to the author Ron Foster! You can find more information about Ron at

He is truly preparing the people for preparedness through his talented pen. I look forward to being entertained and educated by his works in the future.

Thanks to his generosity we are giving away a Preppers Trilogy set this week. All Entries must be submitted before 9:00 PM EST February 8,2012. Only one entry per reader allowed.

Update February 9,2012

Congratulations go to Don it looks like he has some winter reading courtesy of Ron Foster.

I am happy to see so many helpful tips. I think we all have a lot to learn and improve upon. For those familiar with the Boy Scouts “Be Prepared”!

Let’s do this again! The Second chance give-away is alive and well. Sorry Don is not available for the drawing next week. All entries must be submitted by February 15,2012 at 9:00 PM EST.

Update February 15,2012

Congratulations go to Tom! He can now get some knowledge on how the Alabama Prepper’s deal with no power courtesy of Ron Foster.

I think whether you have been prepping for a day or years there have been some useful tips. I keep learning some new ones and checking off on some old ones.

I say we do it for a third time! Thanks to Ron Foster and his generosity it’s on. We’ll call it the Third time trilogy. Sorry Don and Tom ya’ll are not eligible as you guys will be busy reading and learning. Just leave a tip and you are entered. All entries must be submitted by February 22,2012 at 9:00 PM EST.

Update February 22,2012

Thanks very much for all the entries. The comments are all very helpful. Thank you to Ron Foster for allowing these to happen. He is a gentleman and educator trying to get the word out.

Congrats to Russell and Kevin for winning sets of the Prepper Trilogy. Congratulations to James as well as he gets a copy of Preppers Road March.

I hope all the winners enjoy their books.


Preppers Trilogy by Ron Foster — 27 Comments

  1. We are making ourselves familiar with natural remedies and wild foods in our area. We have also been learning several fire starting methods.

  2. I always keep supplies in truck such as blanket, tarp, rope, lighter, knife, couple bottles of water, also keep some money hidden in there could be tied under seat or anyplace out of way. Always be prepared never know when shtf will happen

  3. I am new to the world of preppers/prepping. Although I tend to stash supplies when I can. For me it was one of those “you never know” moments and now that I have a family, I am trying to do what I can to be ready for just about anything. Prepping can save you, your family or someone else’s life. My advice is do i.t now before its to late

  4. I’m prepping by remembering. I learned a lot while I was in the Boy Scouts, and now I’m remembering what I can by refreshing what I have forgotten.

  5. Tip: I carry a few assorted sizes of zip-ties in my B.O.B. They are super strong, lightweight, and are great for many quick, on-the-fly lashing situations. And they make great emergency shoe laces.

  6. I am prepping by buying old non-electric, non-gas items from flea markets and yard sales. Some of the things I’ve bought as a non-engine push lawn mower, oil/kerosine lamp, hand cranked kitchen mixer, hand tools, gardening tools, etc.

  7. I keep a tube of crazy glue (That I bought at the Dollar Tree) in my first aide kits. Works good for closing up gashes and deep cuts until you can get proper medical treatment.

    • Kevin: I am a Registered Nurse who was also an Army Medic as well as other services. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL as sealing in the bacteria and other nasty things is dangerous. Use of cyanoacrylate glues on MINOR lacerations is possible, BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY ARE “CLEAN”.

  8. Love to see how these books are written. I like the classics so I have a critical eye. Good stories keep you in another world for hours.

    My tip: Whatever you have in your BOB, make sure you have two of the most critical items. Carry two lighters, have two flashlights, two rolls of TP, etc.

    Two is one, One is none.

  9. My prepping tip is 5 dollars a week, 5 minutes a day.
    If you can commit to learning something new everyday for just a few minutes, everyday, you’ll be ahead of the zombie pack.

    $5 can get you 5 meals at a dollar store. It can get you pounds of flour. Just be faithful to the plan you set out.

  10. Since I have been laid off for the last 4 months, I have been trying to prepare for when the SHTF and reading more than I ever have to educate myself to better my escape to the hills. I would like to win these books to better educate myself even farther.

  11. My prepping tip is to compile a notebook (or several notebooks) with information, recipes, and diagrams for prepping and survival. Trying to prepare for life without internet! Please enter me in the giveaway!
    The Anonymous Homesteader

  12. One of my preps are large tarps with ropes and supports to form a downward angled funnel to trap rainwater into buckets/barrels.

  13. Learn as many skills as you can. Storing food and water is great, but knowledge is the most powerful tool a prepper can have!

  14. Bushcraft, primitive camping, learning/practicing survival techniques, water purification, hunting/fishing/trapping,firearms training and physical conditioning with my 12 y/o son. (Working on including wife, and in near future my 3 y/o boy) Long term food/water storage at home, BOB, 3 day survival kit in vehicles, grey man techniques to return home if SHTF happens while at work and vehicles not operational, similar plans for wife and older son, alternate locations in case hone needs to be evacuated. Identifying like-minded neighbors and establish assistance and defensive plans for WROL event. Working the idea of hidden food/gear caches on alt locations. Working on logistics of moving to a neighbor state (to sister’s place, far away from large urban centers, once the SHTF, or right before, if enough advance, 100% positively reliable notice is received.

  15. Hello all: quickly here. Old VHS mylar tape is phenomenally strong, both small as in cassettes and in VHS tapes. Pack one of each to tie things, make rafts [yes it IS that strong when you wrap it many times – 5~8]. Also, have Dental Floss in some quantity as it too is exceptionally strong [as suture, IF NOTHING ELSE AVAILABLE, for making lures, to tie spear points on and so on]. A roll of both Duct Tape, Fiberglass Tape and a roll of BAILING wire is an essential. A LARGE CLEAR plastic bag of 3+ mil’s thickness for solar still, a Water Filtration Straw, a really good fixed blade knife and a Gerber/Leatherman, DIAMOND KNIFE SHARPENERS, fine and coarse, an AXE. These are a really good start, all fits in a small rucksack, can be added to so pick out what you need. BUT DO SOMETHING NOW!

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    • Shooter,

      Glad you stopped by. This is not Ron’s site, but I have forwarded your appreciation to him. I have enjoyed them as well. Hopefully you have seen his latest book, The Solitary Man , if not than I would suggest getting it at Amazon . We need to keep him writing as they are a great read and so informational!

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