Preppers Road March by Ron Foster

Preppers Road March

Ever wondered what to do when an EMP hits and you are away from your gear? Ron Foster has written the how to book that is narrated by a displaced prepper.

Preppers Road MarchThrough the generosity of the author we are giving away a copy of Preppers Road March. Get the first of the trilogy this week by adding a comment or tip on this page.

We will have a random drawing on Thursday January 19 so have our comments or preparedness tips in by 3:00 PM EST to see who the winner is.

Thank you in advance for your tips!


Update 01/20/2012

Congratulations to Zach for winning the 1st copy of Preppers Road March by Ron Foster. I am certain you will find something useful in it. My highlighters were busy during reading.

The great news is that we are going to have a 2nd Chance giveaway! That’s right this week we will draw 2 more names to get their own copy. Those that have already commented are already entered. If you have not entered already please join in.

To liven things up even more those 6 that already have one entry are allowed one more entry based on new comments. Sorry Zach you are ineligible to win again. Get your comments and tips in. We all win by learning more about preparedness.

Thanks to all of you for participating and kudos to Ron Foster for his generosity.

We will draw for the next two winners on Thursday January 26th!

Good Luck!


Update 01/26/2012

Congratulations to Watchingmonkey and Bill Jones as they are the winners of the 2nd Chance Give-away. I hope they get the same enjoyment out of the book that I have.

Special thanks goes out to the author Ron Foster! You can find more information about Ron at

He is truly preparing the people for preparedness through his talented pen. I look forward to being entertained and educated by his works in the future.


Preppers Road March by Ron Foster — 17 Comments

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  2. Luckily, I have a well and have purchased a well bucket from Lehman’s that will work if the power goes out!

  3. you never know when it will hit. Always be prepared for the worst and expect the best

  4. Always carry a flashlight, lighter, $100, and a good knife or two. I carry these items anytime I’m away from home, and I carry a firearm (Glock 23) anywhere possible.

  5. This sounds like an cool story idea. I love to read apocalyptic fiction as it gets you thinking about how else you can prepare yourself and your family.

    As with the others, I would love to receive a copy of this book.

    Thank you!

  6. Congrats to Zach as he won this copy of the Book. Thank you to all contestants and stay tuned as we have an interesting twist to announce soon!

  7. Dang! Maybe on the next go around. One prep for me is a mop and paraffin wax. 100’s of fire-starters right there.

  8. I always keep a rope, tarp, knives lighter and some water bottles in vehicle and also keep copy of all important documents and some spending cash in a fire proof box stored out of the house. Could be in a barn, building or maybe even at a get away cabin just so that if anything ever happens have backups if necessary

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    • Thank you for stopping by! It is not too late to enter. When I posted the rules for the 2nd chance give-away I said we would draw for two winners today. To embrace the time difference in our great country we will make it 3:00 PM Hawaii Time. That is 8:00 PM EST. Ya’ll get your entries in!

    • Hello Josh,

      Thank you for reading! You can find all of Ron’s wonderful books at Amazon. The Preppers Road March we talked about on this post can be found here.

      Thanks for your comment! I am sure you can find something to read of Ron’s that will you find enjoying. I have read at least 5 or 6 and enjoyed everyone.