Kirkman Champion

Kirkman Champion

For any readers that have been around a while can guess I like light and have enjoyed the Kirkman Champion! I can remember fond memories of board games played under the light of a Blue Dietz type cold blast lantern during power outages over thirty years ago. Those child hood memories and the nights with no lights were different. There are still places today that need alternative light.

I have talked about lighting and how the W.T. Kirkman company has some good alternatives. I figured it was time to talk about my new most popular lighting alternative. The W.T Kirkman Champion #2 as they refer to it has been a valuable addition. While it has larger fuel capacity it also puts out more light. I really like the durability and dependability in this lantern.

W.T. Kirkman Champion #2 kerosene lanternIt has proven to be a very frugal with kerosene and it really lights up a room. This is well made and with the right care should last a lifetime. I really appreciate their “Loc-Nob” globe when I have to clean it.

This is a great lantern to use all the time and it really adds piece of mind knowing that I have emergency lighting should the power go out. It is durable enough that we have taken it camping and the quiet light was appreciated by all. This is one of those purchases I look back on and wish that we had gotten a couple of extra Kirkman Champion lanterns as just one is not enough.

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