Do not corner a snake

Do Not Corner a Snake

We all have heard not to corner a wild snake and yet Patrice Lewis writes another great piece that shows the US government is doing exactly that. The majority of Americans want peace, however they are pushing us closer to a Revolution. That would not be a good thing.

We need to remember that will be a bloody affair, however you can only be pushed so far. There comes a time when we have to enforce the unalienable rights granted by God. The current government has been infringing on basic rights for the last twenty years. The reality is that the people of the United States may be poised to strike.

Time will tell the history of these current times. I hope that the tree of Liberty does not get a fresh load of manure via the blood of Patriots and tyrants anytime soon. We do owe it to our forefathers to make sure that our rights and freedom are not taken away without a fight.



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  1. The US Government refuses to abide by laws that were properly created. US Citizens must resolve to require that the Government abide by the laws it has created. No resident in the USA should lay down and play dead. US Constitutional Amendment II is very direct and clear for all to understand.