Primetime Pick Pocket

Primetime Pick Pocket

Here in the Old North State this Tuesday is the Primary and we are thankfully heading into the primetime pick pocket session. We get to see all the politicians pander to their supposed base before switching over to a moderate message to get elected if they win.

It happens every election time and in reality the television stations may not do as well with all the political ads they air. This is the primetime pick pocket season to see who will get in your wallet. This one nut here in the Old North State is trying to win the nod in the 2nd Congressional District. Usually I can tune these ads out, however he has one that is over the top.

It’s a contract between generations! Between Father and Son! Mother and Daughter. That each will take care of the next. Keith Crisco knows first hand that millions of Americans rely on Social Security and Medicare. That is why in Congress he will protect these lifesaving programs.

First of all that is a contradiction as if there was a contract between generations then there would be no need for the government to be involved. The fact that anyone would consider them lifesaving programs is beyond me.

Second there is no contract. When you grow up you should get out and kill something and drag it home. That is the way of man. If you are a religious man like myself then you know that God is the provider. My Father was clear with me that when the time came to get out there was no coming back.

It was not an option. He also understood that there was no obligation for me to take care of him. That is understood and is perfectly acceptable. The reason we take care of the previous generation of Family is due to the love we have for them.

There is no government that can or should require that as it goes against our God given inalienable rights. This leads to another issue and fallacy that the government refuses to acknowledge. The Social Security Program and Medicare is really a pyramid scheme! Heaven forbid you are one of the last to invest. There will come a time shortly when the expenditures exceed the income and has spent any supposed balance. Many will say that it has already happened.

It is these primetime pick pockets that you have to watch out for. This guy is nothing more than a fearmonger and trying to divide, dissect, and conquer people with the fear of the elderly not being taken care of. If you are thinking like me then yes he has already played the add with the message “It’s for the children”. This falls election will once again set a course for this country. Can we step back from the cliff or do we move closer to armed rebellion.

Get out and do your part to remove the primetime pick pockets from the equation and get the right people in place. It probably is too late, but we can not just quit.

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