Wireless Radios can work effectively

Wireless Radios

Recently I had to make some adjustments to some wireless radios for someone and realized they had been deployed outside for almost three years. These wireless radios have been bridging the gap for a long time providing access where a cable would be preventative. For many people that want to escape the confines of city living they may need to span a large distance.

Tower2The radio pictured above is a great candidate to span from 1 mile to 20 miles depending on certain factors. They can run on solar power in some cases and will allow connectivity in places you have not dreamed of. I remember seeing a picture of one of these radios working in over an inch of ice that we had set up. That customer was able to work regularly with hardly any interference at the fraction of the cost of a hard wire.

The idea of saving money and bridging the communication divide with wireless radios can be a good thing and easy to set up. I have seen numerous cases where the ease of use and low cost enabled people to get things done in places unimaginable. What areas are you trying to connect? Feel free to add a comment or send me an email direct and I will give you some tips.


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