Batteryless Bicycle Lights leads to a new project

Batteryless Bicycle Lights

Some things you see and are amazed by and when I saw the Batteryless Bicycle Lights I knew another project was going to be added to a seemingly endless project list. This of course utilizes one of my favorite new technologies in LED’s. This is an ingenious use of lights and magnets to provide some safety.

dynamoThe first step is going to be figuring out how to get the LEDs working and running. Then getting the magnets working as I am sure the children need some lights. I like the practical applications that can be done with this. Moving the magnet around is going to be the fun part to get enough juice to power the lights.

It is amazing the technology that has come about. One day the LED will be looked upon as one of those technologies as how we ever lived without it. The ability to utilize low power applications and drive safety and well being things for people is a huge thing. The important part is to be used to the technology and have plenty of parts to put it together.

One part of accomplishing that is to stock up and protect the parts so if the time ever arises you have what you need. After seeing the batteryless bicycle lights I am starting to wonder if my supply of LEDs is sufficient. I guess it depends on exactly how far down the to do list I get.

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