Welcome October and the calendar says Winter Prep Time!

Winter Prep Time

The calendar rolled over to October and the reminder is here that it is Winter Prep Time. Now here in North Carolina anytime white stuff falls out of the sky it is a big deal. If it happened at the beginning of October like some friends have already seen we would probably break out the Bible as it must be a sign of the end times. I can do without any snow, but I certainly am not prepared for it in Winter. There are several key things to consider for Winter prep time.

The first thing I always have to examine and make adjustments for is the humble abode. What if any doors and windows need to be re-caulked or sealed. Is this the year we finally will get the window quilts done? Do I have the necessary materials to ensure multiple sources of heat. It is no fun being dependent on the power to have heat. One ice storm and you can be living somewhere else for weeks at a time. I prefer to bunk in at home. In a lot of modern homes that requires a lot of planning as there is usually only one. Where will you store your secondary fuel is always a consideration and in some cases can impact the sealing of the door.

I like to get things buttoned up while wearing a t-shirt instead of finding the insulated coveralls. The thought of having to wear a jacket and other layers makes me also think about the animals. Livestock does not have the luxury of being brought in the house. One thing that will need to be done is the water mechanisms will have to be traded out. The automatic waterer will have to be prepped for draining. The alternative water containers will have to be brought out of storage and tested.

While testing the water vessels it is always good to test the weatherproofing of the animal houses. Has it developed any drafts or leaks that may need fixing? While ventilation in the summer usually means as much as you can get the winter brings a different animal. Ventilation while keeping cold drafts on the animals. We have been lucky so far, but the heat this summer is a reminder to take nothing for granted.

The last thing that you can not take for granted is the plants. What kind of preparations do they need. It is almost time to bring in the houseplants that wintered outdoors. I have some that flourish while outside, but do not really do well below 50°F. They tend to look a little sad over the winter but still provide some greenery. For those plants that you can not bring inside you may need to add some mulch to it.

There are many things that we can not bring inside, but I hope these three things to think about for Winter prep time will help you plan for it. I know it just gets added to my list that seems to never end, but then again once Winter prep time is done and we get into Winter I will have more time right.

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