Stand Up Leaders and be an agent of change!

Stand Up Leaders

Yesterday was full of talk and inaction and it is past time to stand up leaders! The time is now to influence the next generation and be an agent of change. We all seem to be busy and can not find enough time in the day. Who will mentor the future and be a positive role model?

In the past we have talked about Stonewall Jackson and how he certainly fits as a role model. There are several of his traits that we should emulate. We face insurmountable odds today and in the future. Our absent leaders can only talk about things that will not change. It is time to stand up leaders and make a change.

The change starts by surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals pulling for a common goal. We must sacrifice today so the youngest generation has the role models and training to make a difference. There is time to give them what we have and encourage them to overcome the odds and accomplish their goals.

The goals that we should all be measured by are leaving the world a better place than we found it. It will take work to get that done. We have neglected it for far too long. Stand up leaders and make a difference as the status quot is taking us towards a cliff.

Once we are falling over the cliff it will be too late. It is time to exercise your skills and get in the game. Sitting on the sidelines and not contributing only lets your skills get rusty and that much closer to the cliff. Stand up leaders and reach for the stars!