September 2012 Monthly Recap!

September 2012 Monthly Recap

Today we look at the favorite articles in the September 2012 Monthly Recap. It is interesting to look back at these articles and see what ,y readers have been enjoying.

1) Thomas Jefferson Agrarian Ideal
The fact that this article continues to deliver readers shows that people are searching out a simpler lifestyle.

2) CFL Flounder Lights

There is demand for alternative lighting in the house and the water. People continue to look for a quiet evening.

3) Weather Journal

The importance of tracking the weather and recording it for posterity and the future shows that people are looking for it.

4) Preppers Trilogy by Ron Foster

This brings a smile to my face to see people seeking out good writing and education that this series contains. Practical tips and preparations combine on this series.

5) Liberty Training Rifle

Readers are searching our the Liberty Training Rifle. This tells me that Project Appleseed is still gaining momentum and people are looking for a good practice battle rifle whether it is a Marlin 795 or Ruger 10/22.

These are always a good reflection on what the readers are paying attention too. I hope this peek at what the readers were interested in the September 2012 Monthly Recap brings some interest.

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