Time is running out to Wake up the People

Wake up the People

My loyal three readers who have been patiently waiting for new material have noticed my absence and it is time for all four of us to wake up the people! Fortunately for them they subscribe to my update feed located on the right hand side of this page so the latest posts gets delivered via email. I welcome any and all readers and just ask that they respect that I pay the bills around here so I determine what is posted and stays live.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThe omage to paying the bills has kept me busy, but that is not the only thing keeping me distracted. Remembering to make time for all of my other hobbies, preparations, my Family and most importantly my walk with God had gotten the better of me. Some could even say that I have become comfortably numb to the reality of the situation.

While watching the dysfunction in Washington and the ever growing impact of Washington on our daily lives I have tended to respond with Who is John Galt? Those that may have their head somewhere else except the party lines may recognize and sympathize with it. The reality is that we are Americans and only by sitting idly by can anyone dissect or divide us.

There is strength in numbers. The reality is that we need to wake up the people! It is time to get more people on the same train of path. It is with great pleasure that I relay that Matt Bracken is going to try and do that by giving away his Enemies Trilogy for free. There will be another Operation EFAD albeit on a much smaller scale. For those loyal three readers Mr. Bracken needs no introduction.

Enemies Foreign and Domestic Book CoverThose that are not familiar with his writings or beliefs are in for a treat. He graduated from Mr Jefferson’s University and I am guessing he graduated with high honors with a History degree, but that presumption will have to wait for confirmation. Upon graduation he completed SEAL training and served our great country. He is the author of four novels about freedom and numerous essays. I am also glad to hear that in his efforts to wake up the people he also will resume writing.

There will always be a need for writers the caliber of Matt Bracken and I admire his efforts to wake up the people. I encourage everyone to join in and aid the effort however you can. There is a price for Freedom and the sabers are rattling that it may be time for some new blood to be paid.

It is our duty to our Country, Family, and God to be ready! Be prepared and ensure that every field has a good seedbed. The eternal vigilance required to safeguard freedom demands that we are alert. These are the values I hold dear to me and together we can wake up the people!


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  3. Maybe I can be your 4th no one will listen to me. I have a story to be told . I as well am gonna take a break but I’m worried on the timing 🙁

  4. I know there’s a sacrifice I don’t know when I’m trying not to worry and let be it just sucks knowing something is going to happen and not knowing when or how exactly but even though it sucks its also beautiful because its evolution 🙂

    • Thank you Matangi for stopping by. I pray daily for peace and wisdom for our elected leaders. Only by divine grace can we continue the abuses and still have the ability to maintain the current situation.