Soon you will need permission to travel!

Permission where to Travel

The current shenanigans make it clear we will soon need permission to travel. The clear path that the current Administration is on gives us a glimpse into the future. I was reading a great point about the true intent of the policy and the ultimate goal. They are very good at executing it.

There is a lot of truth in the more dependent the government makes you the more submissive you will be. Here in North Carolina we recently passed a law with overwhelming support that requires a voter ID to vote. Many celebrated the passage and wondered why it took so long. Others have kicked and screamed in protest, but the Attorney General of the United States actually filed a lawsuit against North Carolina as he claims it disenfranchises people and discourages voting.

Imagine my surprise when I find out that while window shopping on the new Obamacare health exchanges that it requires a picture ID. Do you notice the disconnect? A program that is forced on us with no choice requires a picture ID, but actually voting to get rid of the people that brought us this crap does not. It is a sad state of affairs in this land.

The land of Freedom was meant to always allow us choice and sadly it appears without a major 180 turn we will soon need permission to travel. Recent history tells us that expecting the change from Washington is a mistake. My hope is the Old North State joins with other like minded states and flexes the 10th Amendment to demand they stop messing with North Carolina. There is still time but it requires to wake people up as I talked about yesterday. If we do not get the message out it will be imperative to have your preparations taken care of.


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