3 ways to deal with trash removal now and after!

Trash Removal

While doing a trash run I was thinking about trash removal. Currently it is an easy process, but in the spirit of yesterdays post that does not mean it will be tomorrow. No matter what happens the basic needs of human survival means there will be the need for trash removal.

One way to get rid of the trash is to burn it. In may areas you will have a burn barrel in the backyard. There are some things like chemicals and plastics that should not go into the burn barrel, but it is a good way to get rid of trash. You will find many a burn barrel in the Rural South. It will certainly be an option in the future.

Another option in the future and available now is recycling and composting. It is amazing the reduction in needed trash removal when you recycle. If you are composting it will turn into valuable material for your garden. This has many benefits all the way around.

One last option that does not have a lot of benefits other than filling a hole is burying the refuse. This option is employed on a large commercial scale and often in the backyards when building houses.

I tend to lean towards the first two options but will keep the last one in mind if needed. The trash removal will change, but here are three options to think about.

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