Never Guaranteed Tomorrow but we should still Prep for it!

Never Guaranteed Tomorrow

One thought that has been present lately is that we are never guaranteed tomorrow but we should still prep for it! There is a balance that you have to achieve as too much in either one way is not healthy. It is important to make sure you enjoy each day, but also ensure that you will have the ability to enjoy the future ones.

No matter what day you are preparing for I think for the most part Organized religion has done a disservice to their flock. There generally is very little done to prepare them for the hard times that the Bible tells us is coming. In some cases they do not do an adequate job in teaching them the Gospel, but that is another story.

Since you rarely run across a Pastor that is leading his flock to prepare what do you think we should prepare for. That is a personal choice, but I can tell you that everything I have is a result of God. The few things I have ever lost is from my pride or stubbornness getting in the way. It can be humbling a experience, but if you truly pray to God and model your behavior after Christ Jesus you will see that material things are not the answer.

It was refreshing to hear a good gospel based message this past Sunday as it reinforces my convictions. We are not guaranteed tomorrow but it is important to prepare for the coming hard times so that I can fulfil my mission. The only thing that we are guaranteed is a place in heaven, but we have an obligation here on earth.

The obligation is too spread the message and that can certainly be done today, but I imagine there will be a lot of fertile ground when that time comes to dispense charity. It is needed today as well. We know that some hearts will be hardened, but there will also many seeds that suddenly sprout.We are not guaranteed tommorrow, but we must prepare in case our Father does not call us home!


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