#1 Magazine in our Household is Backwoods Home!

Backwoods Home

Backwoods Home cover 137On mail day when Backwoods Home is present everyone knows to hand deliver this one to Dad first. This was the only magazine that we kept when it came time to cut back. There are so many beneficial things in one of these issues that it is almost a requirement to subscribe.

This magazine is guaranteed to give you thoughts and projects to stay busy, enrich your life, and save you money. It encourages one to live a more self-reliant life fosters the independence that America became known for. It always guarantees hours of entertainment and the quality of writers is top notch.

I would encourage everyone to head on over to www.backwoodshome.com and check it out. They put a lot of their articles on the web for free. If nothing else even the most die-hard liberal would agree the covers are works of art.

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