Tinderbox is smoldering and I pray it does not erupt today for all Patriots!

Tinderbox is Smoldering!

Today could be another one of those days in American History that you will remember where you were at and I pray that there is a peaceful conclusion as the tinderbox is smoldering. Ahead of the current President’s thoughts on how he can usurp the Constitution and restrict a right of the American people to arm themselves under the 2nd Amendment signs are clear that something is brewing.

There will be no doubt that they will manipulate people with children to say that we owe it to them to restrict fire arms. Despite the fact that lawful gun owners are not the ones causing a problem the reality is that the 2nd Amendment is not for hunting or shooting sports. The 2nd Amendment was designed so that ordinary citizens, who are descendants of the Minutemen and Regulators, can oppose a tyrannical government.  That is the only way to guarantee freedom and liberty.

bracken-r-c-eThere is growing evidence as I read articles that the Tree of Liberty may be getting close to getting fed.I honestly pray that it will not come to that. I hope that wiser heads will prevail, but know that the Patriots may need to rise up. If that call is made I hope those military and law enforcement officials that have sworn to uphold the US Constitution remember their oath. I realize they are not the problem, but could be the deciding factor.

The military oath clearly states that they will defend from all enemies foreign and domestic. Let it be known to all that any restriction of guns is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment. I take great pride that the article I referenced earlier was written from here in North Carolina. As I have talked about before I had an ancestor that paid the ultimate price during the Regulator War and they also have fought in the Wars since.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyI have not had the pleasure of serving in the Military myself, but I stand ready to defend our country today from all enemies. I am steadfast in my thinking that there is still time for a peaceful resolution. I no longer look for it from Washington, but I know that the great citizens of North Carolina with solid leadership from Governor McCrory, Senator Phil Berger, and Representative Thom Tillis can make it clear to Washington that North Carolina has had enough.

NC taxes 750px-Flag_of_North_Carolina.svgLet North Carolina join the rest of the states that have had enough and unite to demand that Washington does not infringe upon our rights. The tinderbox is smoldering, but with leadership and vision that we no longer can expect from Washington it is past time for the states to set the tone. I fear that if the current President misunderstands his role that it may erupt and many lives will be lost ensuring freedom and liberty.

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