Today’s Version of the Rural Telephone System in the West.

Rural Telephone System

I was reading a fantastic article about the ingenuity of the American People living in the West with the Rural Telephone System. I was familiar with the party line, but was not aware of the fence system that was built out West. I would encourage you to read about this uniquely American system.

Rural Telephone System in the West..

For those of you that do not want to read that article think about using all the barb wire fences as part of your telephone system. The interesting thing is that people had this convenience in their home and you know that sense of community and ingenuity is missed.

It got me to thinking about how you could recreate the rural telephone system in today’s world. I think the best case may be with wireless radios that are equipped to use solar. That way you can span a good distance and also have some security. If you were looking at the actual wire two key things to think about would be insulators and how to actually power the line or signal.

What are some things that you think would be important to recreating the modern version of the rural telephone system? Please feel free to send me an email or fill out a comment form.



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