Time for some home brewed Root Beer!

Home Brewed Root Beer!

While making up a small batch of root beer I found some older concentrate and remembered that I needed to work on some home brewed root beer. The concentrate works well and we have found a way to make a small batch that we enjoy. It works well, but I would prefer to have the small bottles capped and in the fridge for a treat after a long day.

It appears that one of the old ingredients in traditional root beer was Sassafras. That is a good sign, but accordingly it was no longer used as it is known to cause cancer in lab rats. There is some good research that needs to be done. I would love to have a traditional recipe that you can make from scratch and then bottle for later use.

I am hoping that some of my readers may know of a good site or process to give me a head start. It may be similar to home brewing beer in regards to the processing, but I am guessing that it is harder or less popular given the lack of information I can find. If you have some experience with home brewed root beer or even home brewing please stop in and make a comment.


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