Arctic Blast during a mild winter has me dusting off cold weather list!

Cold Weather List

We have been enjoying another mild winter as a lot of the rest of the country and this arctic blast of cold air has me dusting off the cold weather list to make sure I am ready. It comes just at the time one flock of chickens has finally resumed laying. Good thing we added another breed last year or else we would have been buying eggs this winter. Now while I am eating my fresh eggs and ham this morning I am reviewing the cold weather list.

The first thing that I have to remember before going outside and taking care of the chores is to layer my clothes. No shorts and sandals today as it is supposed to be cold. I do not want to be breaking ice for the livestock in sandals. Since it looks like with the wind chill it may get above freezing all day I need to stay dressed as I will have to check the water several times. There is another thing that is critical to prepare for today.

The wind is supposed to be cold and I have a young Mama with week old babies so we need to make sure the wind break is up in front of their house. It will also be important to make sure all the animals have a draft free place to get in out of the wind.

Since the wind will be blowing and it will be cold I need to make sure that I have the extra wood stacked and close to the house for extra fuel just in case we need to stay warm. This may be a good time to top off or check any heating fuel that you may use.

This review is just a little bit of the things that I am thinking this morning as we deal with a cold arctic blast. What is on your cold weather list? Please tell me as I will not mind. I can pour myself another cup of coffee and let it warm up outside.

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