The Official Marlin LTR

Official Marlin LTR

It comes with great joy that I bring word of the Official Marlin LTR. As we have talked about before the Marlin 795 makes a great Liberty Training Rifle that can be used at a Project Appleseed event. The combination of the LTR and the superb teaching will guarantee you that you it will be a great event.

ltr-Marlin-techresYou may not become a rifleman the first weekend, but I have never heard of anyone coming away from an Appleseed event that did not learn something about the Minutemen and the true happenings on the green in Concord. It is our duty to those Patriots to answer the call to defend Liberty. Now it is great to see Marlin step up to the plate.

This wonderful package will come with a Marlin 795, two 10 round magazines, tech sights, a sling, and the most important is a free weekend at a Project Appleseed event. I am not even sure of the Retail price, but I am very comfortable in saying that it will be a great value. The amount of learning and camaraderie at an Appleseed event will amaze most people.

Liberty Training RifleWhile I did not take an Official Marlin LTR with me to my Appleseed event they could have used my LTR as the model. The only two differences are that I have a green sling and no LTR engraved on the rifle. I plan on getting an Official Marlin LTR, but they will be gifts.

Appleseed_blogHave you made plans yet to attend an Appleseed? I encourage you to get your Official Marlin LTR and redeem your coupon ASAP.

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