The Light in the Lake by Ron Foster

The Light in the Lake

Today we are reviewing The Light in the Lake by Ron Foster! It is the third and last book of his Preppers trilogy. The last two weeks I have reviewed Preppers Road March and Bug Out Preppers on the Move. I absolutely loved the series an had a hard time putting it down.

the Light in the Lake Preppers Trilogy by Ron FosterThe third book in the trilogy continued to deliver just like the two previous books. Chock full of information to help anyone survive and learn how to establish trading. I am glad the local store had a sale on highlighters cause mine ran out of ink.

It is amazing that the storyline is so entertaining but still contains this much valuable information. Ron is truly gifted in his ability to deliver the technical knowledge while mesmerizing readers with the characters.

This book had me rooting for the characters and laughing out loud at some of the ones introduced. I can clearly see some of the antics playing out and it even brings up the fauna and flora from my trips to Alabama. This is the hallmark of good writing in my opinion.

The ability for a author to write in a way that his readers can picture and relate to the characters, locations, and stories is what keeps people turning the pages. I know my sleep will appreciate being done with the series as it was hard to put down.

As much as I liked the storyline the knowledge that was communicated about surviving any situation where society collapses is priceless. There are so many things to prepare for but I know that I am in a better place by reading this series.

I know I am nowhere prepared for the level of disaster that this trilogy covers. One can only take it day by day and prepare as best as you can. I can only hope that if that time ever comes my loved ones and my family will be blessed by God and mercy taken on them.

Special thanks goes out to the author Ron Foster! You can find more information about Ron at

He is truly preparing the people for preparedness through his talented pen. I look forward to being entertained and educated by his works in the future.


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