Rest easy as the Texas Milk Stormtroopers took out some okra plants!

Texas Milk Stormtroopers

In glaring news that I must have missed I saw mention that we can now all rest easy as the Texas Milk Stormtroopers have made it safe and sound. After a reported ten hours on a raid under the premises of looking for cultivated marijuana plants they walked off with blackberry bushes, okra, and a freshly mowed yard.

There is no love lost by me on the milk stormtroopers as I have talked about on two separate occasions. In a glaring new addition to the arsenal that the militarization of our police has gotten reports out of Texas are that they have drones flying around doing there bidding. One could only wonder if they had access to drones could they not use them to fly over the property ahead of time to search for the elusive plants.

The reality is that events like this can happen anywhere as the Texas Milk Stormtroopers are evidence that no matter where or what you are doing the food police can come for you. Rest Easy America as you know the government is here to help and feed you. God Bless us all!

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