Milk Stormtroopers gearing up for your chickens

Milk Stormtroopers

Milk StormtroopersI was reading a great article about the Milk Stormtroopers needing to spy on animal sales. The USDA was instructed to ensure animals were taken care of so they believe they need taxpayer stolen funds to monitor the Internet for sales of animals. This is the same agency that has been raiding dairy farms because of raw milk that we have discussed before.

Is it that far of a leap to imagine that they will come in guns drawn because you decided not to vaccinate an animal born on your farm? In the words of Joel Salatin’s latest book Folks, This Ain’t Normal. The last thing we need to do is give the USDA more money to destroy the small farmers of America.

I should not be amazed as I know the government wants to stifle small farms in this country. Why do we need a government agency to monitor animal sales. In a farm environment knowing your farmer and seeing the conditions goes along way in the treatment of animals.

Guess we can chalk it up to one more thing old Uncle Sam wants to control. How will this change my plans? None at all as I am going to keep on with my livestock the way I see fit.


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