If you are not test planning you may be without when the time comes

Test Planning

I read another great article from Patrice at Rural Revolution about her test planning with a kerosene lamp. This is a great example and reminder of the level that we should all be at. If you have never tested something completely how will you know that you have enough.

Lamp Lighting Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene Lamp

It occurred to me that I know the rough estimate of how long my kerosene lamps, but I do not have the exact times that I can expect for a gallon on kerosene. This is vital when trying to prepare and have plenty on standby. Patrice showed that your test planning does not have to be fancy as a scrap of paper can be enough to record the information.

I derive the same enjoyment from a kerosene lamp and have decided to do my own test planning. What do you think you have enough of and do you have exact numbers. If not I would encourage you to schedule your own test planning today.

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