Armed resistance trumps gun free zones!

Armed Resistance Trumps Gun Free Zones

The brilliant thoughts that Massad Ayoob has proves that armed resistance trumps gun free zones. He is a well known and respected author and trainer in firearms. He is well versed in police tactics and training police forces throughout the United States. To sum it up for some of my readers he sure is qualified to give insight on guns and protecting schools and other public gathering points.

The fact that he applies common sense to his solutions proves that it will probably never work in Washington. It can if enough people make their voice heard. The reality is that the expectation of criminal, evil, or a person with mental problems obeying the gun free zone is very small. Someone that is trying to cause harm will find a way.

The thing that is needed to overcome evil intent is blunt force. No matter what kind of terror someone decides to employ trained and armed resistance has always been the equalizer. This is accomplished with the greatest equalizer known to man which is the firearm.

No matter what period you examine once the firearm was introduced it has been employed to even the odds. This was well understood by our Founding Fathers when they put the 2nd Amendment in place. They knew armed resistance trumps gun free zones. It is up to us to ensure that continues and the sheep dogs are not left without their equalizer. It is guaranteed those with evil intent will not hesitate.

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