Patience and Common Sense needed the most right now

Patience and Common Sense

This topic has been weighing on my mind since last Friday and now is the time for patience and common sense. It is incomprehensible to try and understand exactly what and why it happened.  The reality it that evil was displayed and there is most likely nothing that could be done to prevent it.

I certainly grieve for the families and people affected by the tragedy and in due time I pray that morning will come as my faith teaches me will happen. It is the spiritual side that looks to the future and the greatest gift available to us all ensures a joyous reunion one day.

The Old Rugged CrossThe comfort of a future reunion does little in the short term and that is the sheep dog side that comes out. There are many that wish including myself that they could have been present at that school. There is the belief that it would have turned out different if we were. The chance to prevent this senseless tragedy is one that many would take.

During this time of mourning we should not delude ourselves and lose focus and try to pin solution on an inanimate object. The guns are not the reason we mourn. Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and the weapons so far were legally purchased. The true reason that we mourn is the actions of one person.

There is no debate needed to know that the person was either pure evil or suffering from a mental illness. From all accounts it was the latter in this case. There is no amount of legislation, which would be ineffective anyway, that would prevent it. If someone is intent on harming others they may use another weapon like a car. How many people are killed monthly by a drink driver? We do not respond by ceasing all driving or drinking.

The association with drinking and driving at this time of year means that all vehicular traffic should be done by 6:00 PM. That is the logic of further gun control. The vehicle is just a means and can not be held responsible just like the pistol or rifle can be held in the same right.

The responsibility that should really be solved is how to get help for people that are suffering mental illness. We also should figure out a way to secure the schools in a better way. The continued deterioration of society both economically and socially ensures that no amount of legislation will stop the tragedy.

Any further infringement on the 2nd amendment will certainly leave people defenseless as the deterioration continues. The sad reality is that we are quickly losing the exact things our Founding Fathers warned us about. People now think restricting an inanimate object is a good thing.  People are perhaps right that you do not need a 30 round clip of ammunition for normal everyday use.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThe real reason that you need a 30 round clip of ammunition is to oppose and oppressive government. Our Founding Fathers knew it and we need patience and common sense now to not focus on four trees but the vision to see the whole forest.

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