Summer Is Streaming Along

Summer Streaming Along

Looking at the calendar and just the general way you feel the summer is streaming along. This month has five Fridays, but who can believe that today is already the fourth one. There are so many things to get done and never enough time. Heck when we have time on the homestead lately it has been hot and things need to be done early.

Buff Orpington Heritage Chicks that are 6 days OldAs you can tell in the picture above there has been some future egg production planning going on. Actually the real heavy work was done by a friendly Silkie Hen that successfully hatched 3 of the 5 eggs she was provided.

Thank you to the Silkie Hen as she has either provided us some more egg layers at a time when we need some or some future Sunday dinners. I highly recommend letting a hen do the incubating. We have talked about the pain in using an incubator. Letting the hen do it makes things easier and less time involved.

After all summer is streaming by, but no one said it had to be a fast stream. I tend to like those slow lazy streams that allow you time just to enjoy yourself. Hope all is well with your summer!


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