Way Behind Times

Way Behind Times

Could someone please let me know how it got past the middle of September. Way behind times around here. I remember the meteorologists mentioning Meteorological Fall when the calendar change, but dang time is flying.

If you are anything like our homestead then you are way behind times and need to get busy for the real Fall sets in. The season right after the Fall is Winter and boy we are not ready for that. There are animals to take care of and plan for. If we are keeping them then breeding considerations need to be considered. If we are not keeping them then processing needs to be planned.

The planning does not stop just with the animals. Now is the time to put up a lot of the food that we have been growing. We still need to check in on the bees. There is a lot to do and will remain busy.

That is a fact of life it seems and no matter how way behind times we are there is still Family concerns that need to be considered and taken care of. Those take a priority and we will make time for those.

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