Plan on Storing Nickels as a secondary plan

Storing Nickels

There was another great article I was looking at about storing nickels. It is amazing how you take something simple and see how it really adds up. One of the easiest things to store is nickels. Currently the base metal value is worth more than the monetary value. This window will soon close as the nickel will be redone.

Until the nickel is redone there is an opportunity to store nickels as a hedge. Rolled nickels store well in a .30 caliber ammo can. You can generally fit at least 94 rolls in each can or the equivalent of $188.00. Again that is worth more in metal value than the monetary cost. This is something that you can use to prepare.

What other simple things like storing nickels are your doing? Feel free to make a comment and let us know what simple things you are doing so we can all benefit.

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