Ocracoke VFD broke ground on their new building

Ocracoke VFD broke ground

maltese_crossThis was a long awaited day as the Ocracoke VFD broke ground for a new fire station. This has been a long time coming and can not happen to a greater bunch of folks and dedicated individuals. The reality is that a small barrier island is going to get a fire station that will serve them for many years. In this day and age more room is needed and a safer building is needed for the fire station.

truck_at_beachThe lifeblood and true heroes of almost every small town is the local firefighters. You have to give a lot of credit to those fine women and men that dedicate themselves at a great cost to their personal lives to help and assist people during trying times. The ability to rush out and enter a burning building is amazing, but what about getting out of bed at 3:00 to answer the call of an accident from a drunk driver? The fine folks at the Ocracoke volunteer Fire Department do it every year.

housefire_indexThey are like many that stretch across the land. The reality is that they need funds to purchase new equipment, buildings, and put on training. If you are not stepping up to give your time and become one of them then you should really give some money so they can accomplish their goals.

We all have goals and it is important to remember that no matter what happens the guys and gals at the local fire station are there to help and lend you assistance. If the worst happens they may actually save your life. The folks at the Ocracoke VFD have a unique challenge as they live on a barrier island that some years seems to have a magnet hung out to attract hurricanes.

100_0671As we learn and plan to handle anything that might come our way do not forget the folks at your local VFD. They will be there with you when the going gets tough. Anyone that is wiling can donate here as the folks at the Ocracoke VFD broke ground for their new building and still have bills to pay.

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