Martial Law Practice in Boston shows the sheep are ready

Martial Law Practice

Last week the sheep in Boston showed that they are ready during what seems to be a martial law practice in Boston. An area that encompasses approximately 4.5 million people in the urban area was effectively locked up and prisoners in their own home voluntarily. It was amazing to see people openly cheering at the end of the confinement.

This obviously was a traumatic event and a staggering amount of ammo was spent on both sides. The amazing thing to me is how long it lasted if you believe the official story. After having the full weight of the Federal government involved and the FBI HRT team obviously in Boston evidently there was a lack of FLIR equipped resources.

The reality is that there were most likely multiple drones and at least 10 helicopters that were FLIR capable in the area. For those that are not aware it stands for Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer. Since they already had in essence declared martial law why not ignore the 4th Amendment. Since the official story is that one hostage hung out in a boat all day within 10 blocks of the search area there are only three choices.

The first is that there were not enough FLIR capable resources in the area. The second is that they could not find the extraneous heat source within 10 blocks from the primary search, or this manhunt and “shelter inside” was really about something else.

I will give you a hint which way I believe. The local news story was on a business that outfits government aircraft with this technology. They mentioned that they never had less than 5 aircraft at a time in their shop. Keep believing there were no drones in Boston last week and very few FLIR equipped aircraft if you would like. The HRT from Quantico was able to fly up but not any other resources.

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