State of the Union

Tonight the President of the United States will get on television and give us the state of the union! After reading what I posted yesterday I can save you time. It is bad and the people are suffering. We are a divided nation and we seem to be picking up steam.

The only problem with our runaway freight train is that there is a cliff coming soon and the bridge is out. We are headed for a massive disaster and it seems the elected representatives do not care. They have forced the Affordable Health care act on us and despite clear intentions from the Tea Party the Democrats and Republicans continue to force it on us.

This act is certainly not affordable and people simply do not want it. It is causing people and the actual health care industry major problems. The folks in Washington turn their backs on us. This is also seen in the immigration situation in this country. The President made an executive order to grant amnesty.

Once again the legislative branch is complicit in granting amnesty as they are the ones that control the funding. The so called Republican Speaker of the house is scared to shut it down so instead we will suffer. The reality is that illegal immigrants are the least of our problem with the porous borders that we have.

The terrorist attacks that are being carried out in Europe certainly can happen here as there is nothing stopping them from coming across the borders and doing it here. We must not allow that to happen while preserving our rights and privacy.

That is one of the last problems with the state of the union as it seems the government is everywhere. Whether it is tracking us or encouraging us to become dependent on their support it can lead to no good. Just read some of the history of the American Indian once they moved to the Reservations. There was common disdain for those Camp Indians as their own tribe called them.

They realized that the Camp Indian was lazy and often medicated on rum or peyote. That was not how the last noble American Indians that roamed the plains wanted to go out. As usual we could learn a lot from them and I for one believe would just like Washington to leave me alone. Please do not broadcast another state of the union as they do not listen to what we want!

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