Prices Up and Income Down

Prices Up and Income Down

The reality continues to set in every time there is a paycheck that comes in. Prices up and income down! Now do not get me wrong and think we are ungrateful or not blessed. That continues to be something we are enjoying. It just seems every pay day the money does not go as far due to the cost of inflation and the larger amounts taken out by government.

The official government statistics continue to say that inflation is non existent. As Patrice Lewis over at Rural Revolution so eloquently states that is just not true. She has a lot of great points that we see on a daily basis.

The first increase we see daily is the increase in food prices. It seems every time we go grocery shopping that the prices are up. No longer can you get the same amount. Sometimes the price remains the same, however the package has shrunk. That same pound of bacon has now become 12 ounces.

We have had to adjust our menus and shopping habits. While this can have a positive affect as we continue to try to eat healthier it still makes it harder to stock a full pantry. Deploying innovative techniques such as buying in bulk and canning can help accomplish that.

Another increase that warrants some new approaches on a regular basis is related to energy. Opening the last power bill was quite a shocker and actually set a winter time high over the past three years. This seems to be common through out the United States. We are continuing to refine our solar and battery strategy to off set the rising prices.

While the rising prices can be blunted through personal choice and usage the one thing that continues to baffle me is the rising tax impact. This is something that we have no control over except electing new representatives. We just got through a painful election and already they are getting the next one running.

Hello please someone explain that there are consequences to elections to the ones in Washington. They have missed the clue that people are mad. We get the same effect. Have you ever met a weaker speaker of the house then we have now. They keep electing the same old Republicans and Democrats and the people continue to see higher taxes.

If anyone can figure out how to get Washington out of my pocket please let me know. Prices up and income down leaves me with a bitter pay check. It keeps covering less and less month.


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