2 common things easily forged!

2 Common Things Easily Forged

Talking with some friend here recently and there are two things that perhaps were not thought through. There is no doubt that technology is an amazing thing, but oftentimes it sounds too good to be true. The other flip side is that it sounds too stupid. That is one of the things that comes to mind with paying via your cell phone.

Since most people keep there phone handy, however they also rarely have adequate protection in place if someone has access to it. On the heels of using your fingerprint to bypass entering passwords to access the phone comes the story about faking fingerprints. Now all someone has to do is have a high resolution picture of your fingerprints and they can bypass your bio-metric measures you are using your fingerprints for. Folks you have to delete your pictures of your hands or prevent them from being published.

Another bizarre trick done with pictures is the reproduction of keys. Imagine you are at work and leave your keys at your desk or out playing basketball and the keys are on the side of the court. Someone can snap a picture of your keys and then get a replacement copy. Of course they need to know where you live, bit in many cases where they can snap a picture of your they may already know it.

There can be some good uses, but it boils down to protection. Making sure physical security of your keys and fingers is imperative. Now you need to make sure that the high resolution pictures are avoided. 2 common things easily forged can be prevented by simple things. As we discussed knowing about it is half the battle. Now I know not to leave the keys on the side of the basketball court.

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