What is your preferred Home Defense Weapon?

Home Defense Weapon

What is your preferred home defense weapon to greet unwelcome visitors with hostile intent that come to your house? This is a topic that stirs many passions and debates among people. I like to ponder what the primary purpose is when picking a weapon.

If you are looking for something that will scare off the run of the mill noises in the middle of the night many people will have a hard time finding objection with a Riot gun. Mossberg has there 500 series that has great acclaims throughout the years. You can also not go wrong with the Remington 870 model that has stood the test of time. Many would be intruders will think twice when they hear the racking of a shell while invading your home.

If you are looking for something different than the traditional shotgun you always have the option of adding a handgun or long gun to the mix. There are numerous options that you can factor in on all of the options. It has become common practice to have a rail mounted light on your weapon that can fill a need.

The primary need of the weapon dictates what you should be looking for. In the current day and time you may be able to get by with the 12 gauge shotgun for checking on the homestead and defending it if threatened with your life. There may come a day when you need the ability of a long rifle that has multiple clips to reach out and touch someone.

The main part to remember is to always make sure that you know the laws of your state and government before buying and using any weapon. In many areas you are well withing legal rights to defend your home and property if threatened, but I not a lawyer so please consult one before purchase of you home defense weapon and after to know your rights.



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