Solar Lights can be a real possibility!

Solar Lights

I continue to fine tune my plans for solar lights. I believe in the use of solar technology as we have talked about. I know without a doubt that solar could be used to recharge our flounder lights that leads to many quiet nights.

I think the next step on that plan is to get a Goal Zero system from Rocky Mountain Survival. That will give me the capability to learn and also have a system that can recharge small devices and batteries. I really like the experience and commitment that Tim puts together. He makes some excellent points to why the Goal Zero is the best option. I will trust his knowledge and choose the Goal Zero. It is just a matter of which one at this point.

The ultimate goal is to have solar lights and the majority of devices powered by the power of the sun. There are many great things that can already be done. I have a tangible plan to power the flounder lights, recharge batteries and small devices, lights to see everything, and also how to power the ham radio shack.

The solar lights are a great thing to strive for as they will last a long time and use very little energy. What are your plans to utilize solar? If you could implement some solar lights for under $150.00 would that be enough to get you started?

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