Recheck Security Plans since the economy is getting better!

Security Plans

Double up on your Security Plans since all the politicians and traditional media keep telling us the economy is on the rebound. Despite all the crime statistics showing crime is down and the economy is up the criminals have been having a field day around here lately. These guys are getting brazen as they are breaking in at any time of the day.

Your Security Plans should have these top three things to ensure the best chances at being successful in defending against these high crime times. We have talked about security landscaping before and that certainly factors in. One of the first things that you need is to have secure entry points.

These brazen thugs are kicking in doors in the front or back. The important thing to remember is to have a solid door with secure hinges. The best thing to do is replace the standard screws with long screws to make kicking the door in a problem. You should also have a keyed deadbolt. Make sure they can not break a window and turn the deadlock. You can make a security reinforcement for those timesMake sure your windows are taken care of as well. A pin drilled and inserted will ensure that it can be opened.

One thing that tends to prevent random openings are a dog or two. These are preferably large dogs that intimidate people. They might very well be the sweetest dogs, but they should appear to be mean. Normally criminals will skip over houses that have dogs that may be inside. A life of crime tends to focus on the easier mark.

One way to make sure that you are not an easy mark is to have a security system. It can be something that you install yourself or something professionally done. The importance is to have it monitored if possible so that any break in will alert you and the police. What do you focus on if you do not have a security system. That goes without saying, but if you have too then make sure your house is protected by <insert favorite gun here>.

While gun sales are up and the real economy is still in the doldrums ignore the traditional media and politicians and make sure your security plans are updated.

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