What would prepper commerce look like after the inevitable?

Prepper Commerce

What will the prepper commerce be like when the trucks stop rolling? This is a hotly debated topic that no doubt will have some regional variations. If the stores are empty and the ATM no longer dispenses money how are you going to pay for purchases at a market. You are going to have to trade something, which is the essence of all commerce, that another person values enough to accept.

We often talk about beans, bullets, and band-aids as things to stock up on. I will venture to say that if a man is watching his children go hungry because he has not provided for them then he would elevate the need for food. This will be the prepper commerce when it happens. No longer will the newest television or smart phone be the sought after item, but food or bullets to help survive the trying times

Throughout the history of mankind and across all types of societies there has been trading routes and congregation points that people have used to get what they needed. The part that will go back to what it was is the method of payment. Initially trading will be the preferred method. If you have an extra kerosene lamp then you may be willing to part with it and get something else.

Once things start to settle down again then people will start using forms of payments. This will vary depending on the area you live in. I do know that one popular one will be small silver pieces. If you look at pre-1965 quarters, dimes, and nickles they are valued due to their silver content. I can envision the time when a loaf of bread could be had for 10 cents.

Paying for your fresh bread will be just one of the things that will need to happen. The inevitable reality is that prepper commerce will come again as man has always traded. The name of the game now is to predict what will be in demand then and stock up now. It could very well mean the difference between surviving or dying.

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