Tough Gardening proves you have to practice!

Tough Gardening

This year the Carolinas are throwing tough gardening at people and reminding people why it is imperative to get your skills on before you depend on it. If you are growing good squash this year you may very well be an expert. I know one person that has even been fertilizing the female flowers themselves with no luck.

If you are not sure how to fertilize the flowers you may want to learn before it is too late. This is usually a job best done by the bees, but sometimes in hard times you have to help them out. It has been tough due to the extreme heat and lack of rain. When we do get some rain it is coming with hail and strong wind.

The hail can really do some damage to squash plants. Usually a very prolific plant this year the squash have been hiding. When you take the make flower and fertilize the female flower you expect there to be some good results. You can tell the female as there already is a little squash behind the flower.

Once you fertilize the female flower you can watch the flower grow. This year there has been a lot of water from the rain barrels applied to the squash. The ultimate goal is to get some food for the table. This year the tough gardening has proven once again that you should learn now while the trucks are still running.

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