Prayer Still Matters

Prayer Still Matters

Prayer still Matters and I will try my best to show you the two reminders that hit me yesterday to reassure that. First Thank God for the wonderful results for sweet baby James.
Prayer Still Matters and the results are good.The picture above as hard as it is to look at is a blessing. A child that came slightly before his planned time. Initially sweet baby James was to be born and have surgery immediately. Instead he came on December 3rd and did not have surgery until December 7th. The prayers have been working for months for this blessed child.

This child is blessed in many ways. There is no doubt his parents are Godly people. They have parents, family, and friends that form a solid support structure. This child has been prayed for for months across this great land.

There are four key areas that we should continue to pray for sweet baby James. As Jim Mcbride says so eloquently

“1. For James to be weaned off of the ventilator system and breathe independently
2. For James’ blood pressure to stay consistently in normal ranges, so they will not have to re-open his incision.
3. Continued rest and recovery for Mallory and rest for Buddy as they have had several long days since James’ birth.
4. For Beau (their daughter) to continue to adjust to new environments and surroundings”

There is no doubt that the prayers before and yesterday have been working for sweet baby James. Now is not the time to let up.

The second main thing that reassures me that prayer still matters is that hope is not dead. There are great leaders, servants, and friends left in this world to remind us that  God is in control. If you look at the picture of sweet baby James it will tug at any parents heart strings to see a child going through this.

We are often reminded that the we will not go through any trials that the Lord does not think we can handle. I know that Buddy and Mallory can get through these difficult times because of the support system in place.

They have great families behind them and that is no accident. We are put here in this time, at this place, for God’s purpose. I used to always say that I was born 100 to 300 years too late, but I believe it was Craig Groeschel that corrected me as I was put here right now for God’s purpose.

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