College Lockdown Policies are working!

College Lockdown Policies

The college lockdown policies are working. The recent shooting at Virginia Tech and the response, show that their training has paid off.

Based on the abc news report There appears to be no amount of training that would have saved Officer Crouse. Prayers need to be lifted to remember his wife and 5 children. He paid the ultimate price that all of our soldiers, police officers, and fireman know that they may pay one day. God bless them all!

The interesting thing in this latest ordeal and the one when Jimmy Callaway brandished his gunbrella at ECU is the weapons are college police have access too. College Lockdown Possible Vehicle ResponseWhen a campus is threatened these days the police are responding with military grade weapons and vehicles. There is a tremendous amount of training that goes into these situations. I understand the reasoning and believe they should utilize all their resources.

However I tend to look at these situations and wonder why. As I wrote about in the ECU gunbrella situation I think a major factor was the lack of knowledge of firearms that the general population has. Obviously the latest college lockdown at Virginia Tech was the result of an unbalanced individual casually breaking numerous laws.

How did we get to this point where a college lockdown is necessary every time someone brandishes a firearm. Has America really come so far from the pioneer and Western roots that we need to cower in buildings in fear.

I challenge any shooter like this to have pulled this stunt in Dodge City or any other frontier town. I venture a guess that he would not have had to shoot himself as there probably would have been at least 20 weapons pointed at him. We have “developed” as a society that we fear firearms.

There is no greater equalizer to random violence than a firearm. There used to be a time in this country that you would have your long gun close by for protection purposes. The primary purpose of a pistol was to allow you to fight until you could get your long gun.

Now the expectations are set both by fear and law that if a firearm is displayed on a college campus we immediately lockdown the campus. I understand it on certain levels, but I would also argue that detaining lawful citizens who have done no wrong is a bad practice.

I believe the practice should be that well trained citizens could easily handle these type of situations. It is a good thing that our Founding Fathers decided on the 2nd Amendment. It is time to start the training. Have you signed up for your Appleseed yet or are you destined to be a cook?