Perpetual Blue UVO Necklace

Blue UVO Necklace

Seeing that it is Christmas time people may be looking for a stocking stuffer. The blue uvo necklace makes a great one on many levels. It is a green product that quickly recharges via solar power. It is reusable and never wears out.

We started selling these product because we loved the technology and usefulness, but could not find a local source. Please browse over to and see what else there is. Some of you may have seen the link on the right hand side of this blog. This is a great product and you can find a need for it around the house, campsite, recreational vehicle, boat, or car.

glow in the dark Blue UVO Necklace on paracordFeaturing non toxic, non radioactive chemicals the blue uvo necklace never wears out. You can either charge it via solar energy while you wear it or leave it in sun lignt or even a regular indoor light. You can super charge it via a flashlight to really get it glowing.

This can also be attached or tied to something to make sure that at night you can find it. The beauty is that it is not a harsh light. The blue uvo necklace will not harm your night vision.

My children love them and at night you can even twirl it in a circular motion to signal people. This Christmas when the stockings are gone through everyone would love to find this one there.


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