Matthew West Unto Us

Matthew West Unto Us

We have been busy and while we have been listening to Christmas music we have posted none. Can not think of a better one to start with then Matthew West Unto Us.

As you listen to the music and take in the lyrics you will be blessed with a reminder of the Christmas story. We are blessed that God sent his only son and Matthew West Unto Us reminds of that.

Who are we that a King would trade heaven’s riches
For a stable and a manger low
Can it be Great I Am bending down to reach us
Morning star let this dark world know

Here is our promised One
Jesus our hope has come

Unto us, unto us a child is born
Unto us, unto us a Son is given
Glory to God in the highest
Wonderful Prince of Peace
Emmanuel has come to set captives free
With the angels we sing
Glory to God in the highest
He has brought this great love
Unto us

Who are we that a King would still walk among us
Knowing He would only live to die
Cross of shame, crown of thorns He still chose to carry
Beauty broken breathing us new life

Emmanuel (x3)
Love has come

God with us, You are God
You are God with us

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