Hot Cooking and Low Visibility with a Dakota Fire Hole

Dakota Fire Hole

There are times when you need a hot cooking fire, but you do not want to announce the location then you are looking for a Dakota fire hole. The beautiful thing about this fire hole is that you will use less fuel and it actually will be hotter.

dakote fire hole with dimensionsThe second important thing is with the fuel being below ground the fire is not easily visible. If you choose to locate it upwind of a tree it will help to break up the smoke as well. These are some of the best ways to get your meal cooked and minimize having to set a second plate for dinner.

It is simple as digging a 12″ hole that is wider at the bottom for the fuel. Approximately 12″ upwind of the whole dig a 6″ hole that angles so it intersects with the bottom of the first hole. That is all it takes as the top can be layered with green sticks.

Go ahead and give the Dakota fire hole next time. It will provide a hot fire with less fuel. The added benefits are that in a survival situation the detect ability is reduced.

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