The days of Painful Peanut Butter have set in

Painful Peanut Butter

Have you been shopping lately and seen the effects of painful peanut butter? We all knew the price was going up but when a jar of peanut butter costs over $7.00 you know there is something wrong.

Does anyone really believe the economy is getting better? What was once a staple of children’s diets has now become a luxury item. There is no doubt that many child has grown up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Now that is is not politically correct perhaps some do not eat as many. I can guarantee you for the normal people they do not eat as many either with a price tag over $7.00.

Thus is a leading indicator of a failing economy when a staple becomes a luxury item. Can it be too much longer when a loaf of bread will rise to extraordinary prices. The painful peanut butter is just a foreshadow of more dangerous times. Is there any doubt why you should be prepared?

The money spent on food preparation is generally not wasted. If you are rotating food in your pantry then you will be using the food and also lever-ageing dollar cost averaging that is often used in stock investments. It is indeed an investment.

What will you do today to prepare? Has the exorbitant cost of painful peanut butter opened your eyes? Please comment and let me know your plans to fight the hidden inflation.

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