2 reasons tree pruning will help your security!

Tree Pruning!

The importance of tree pruning is something that should be on everyone’s preparation list. There are numerous reasons that it should be done. There are two main things that I was reminded of while pruning my trees with an eye to the security landscaping as we have talked about before.

tree_pruning_2First is the general health of the tree. If your tree is cluttered with low hanging branches than it will never reach the maximum height. It will also be cluttered and increase the chances of disease. The only exception to one single main leader is fruit trees.

The importance of one main leader will actually make the overall tree stronger. It will allow you to balance the growth of the tree ensuring strength and one of the most important is growth. I have literally seen a tree double it’s height in one growing season after trimming the low limbs.

tree_pruning_1The second main reason for tree pruning is to make your trees look like trees and not bushes. It is amazing how open the tree looks when you prune the tree. While a tree offers some concealment if the low hanging limbs are removed it offers a lot less concealment.

This lack of concealment is paramount to keeping a clear line of sight and adequate open space for repelling invaders. A clear demarcation line should be evident that can be patrolled via the barrel of rifles will ensure security. If you have low hanging limbs the trees will not only be a hindrance to security but also never reach there true height and more susceptible to disease.

tree_pruning_3There are many benefits to tree pruning, but these two hit home while looking at my security landscaping. If you enjoyed this article than please leave a comment or better yet sign up for daily updates via email. We strive to deliver value to our readers and only through feedback can we improve so please let us know.


2 reasons tree pruning will help your security! — 2 Comments

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