Basing your preps for Maslow’s Hierarchy Prepping!

Maslow’s Hierarchy Prepping

The reality is that all we really need to learn is Maslow’s Hierarchy Prepping! You must secure the first level before moving up to the next level. Obviously somethings may change due to the condition or circumstances, but Maslow’s Hierarchy Prepping will put you in the mindset of where you need to be.

Maslow's_Hierarchy_PreppingAfter looking at the first level a person can see where the primary focus should be. It is a priority to have access to water. If you already have clean water then you will have a head start. A priority must be placed on the acquisition of water and sterilizing it.

The very next priority after is food. Hopefully you have been able to store some for future use. If not then you need to make sure you get that in place as you can see we also need to account for sleep and bowel regularity.

Once we have the first level taken care of the second level has never been far from our mind. While you are busy storing or procuring water, food, and homoeostasis do you really want to risk losing it all by not protecting it? This is when you employ security measures to ensure that your family is taken care of.

There are volumes written about each step on Maslow’s Heirarchy Prepping and most of everything that I have ever learned has tended to lump level 1 and 2 together. The course of human events always leads to the achievement of self-actualization.

Place yourself in the shoes of one of the Founding Fathers. They were facing insurmountable odds and at supreme risk to themselves. They traded the Physiological needs for a small chance of Self-Actualization. It would have been easy for them to stay safe.

When you look at Maslow’s Heirarchy of Prepping what can you do today to ensure that you have a solid foundation to be the problem solver when the time comes. Just remember that history tells us there will be men that risk it all for the the right way to win out. Remember that in your planning and make sure you understand the true source of all things!


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