The Food disconnect is a designed system!

Food Disconnect

We have designed a system that highlights a food disconnect. The reality that the meat in the package was once a living and breathing thing is lost on the majority of people. It makes it easier that way. I was reading a piece that explains it goes a little deeper than that.

Food DisconnectThe depths that Monsanto has saturated the Federal government almost has no equal except perhaps the military industrial complex that Ike (President Dwight David Eisenhower) warned us about. There is only one way I know to guarantee what is in your food. That is to grow it yourself.

That is a total commitment that basically reverses the effects of the Industrial Revolution. There is almost no specialization of labor when you are producing your food and everything that your eventual food eats. It may be impractical unless you have a very large farm.

Since you probably do not live on a large farm what are your choices? You control whatever level you feel comfortable with. Once you gain some experience you expand. As we mentioned the other day we processed some birds and my wife and I know we have accomplished one of our goals when we had chicken on the dinner table last night.

The children knew that this was one of the chickens that just two days ago were part of their daily chores and babies that they had watched grow up this year. You feel a real connection when you see the chick crack through the shell and then grow up and find it’s way to the dinner table.

backyard chickensThat chicken served the purpose our Creator has for it. We also know that by choosing and using heirloom seeds we are doing the best we can. Just because you can manipulate the seed stock does not mean that you should.

We may need some manipulation to get back to the Thomas Jefferson agrarian nation that he favored, but until then we need to do what we can where we can. If you do not want to get your hands dirty than at the bare minium make sure you establish a local food connection.

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